Microsoft 365 Quarterly ‘Ketchup’ – July 2023

July 10th, 2023|Latest News, Microsoft 365 Quarterly 'Ketchups', Microsoft 365|

Introduction Keeping up to date on the Microsoft Cloud can be a daunting challenge. The Ketchup workshop brought to you by the Leadership Through Data training team and Microsoft MVP, Sara Fennah, is here to help. We get our information from the following sources: Microsoft 365 Admin Center – [...]

How to legally refuse a SAR / DSAR using Manifestly Unfounded or Manifestly Excessive terms

June 12th, 2023|Latest News, Data Protection, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)|

Difficult to decipher when you're legally allowed to use them, these two refusal notices you can use to reject SARs / DSARs are super useful to know. We’ll help you to understand the differences and teach you how and when to use them.

New Updates to Microsoft Teams for Information Management & Governance Professionals

June 2nd, 2023|Latest News, Microsoft 365|

This article covers New Teams & Teams Premium. As we all remember, early 2020 brought us Covid-19 and the world shut down. Faced with unprecedented scenarios and needing the ability to communicate and work remotely, many organisations simply switched on Microsoft Teams and hoped for the best. Some of [...]

The upcoming Microsoft Build conference sessions that all information managers should be attending

May 16th, 2023|Latest News, Microsoft 365|

We’ve done the hard work for you and identified all the relevant Microsoft Build talks and sessions that we think you should know about. What’s more is that you can tune in online and watch them for free! With a regular ticket for the in-person conference costing $1,525USD, the [...]

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