Get Copilot ready with a Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment

Over the last year we’ve seen the mass adoption of AI tools, and with that adoption, there have been many questions and concerns over the safety and security of information.

Microsoft now offers a ground-breaking AI-powered tool – Microsoft Copilot, which assists users by providing real-time guidance, insights, and automation across various tasks and roles within an organization.

To get you started on your Copilot journey, we’re offering a Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment. It’s a service that helps organisations adopt and optimize Microsoft Copilot, and is suited for companies who are already in Microsoft 365 with active usage and subscriptions.

A bit more about Microsoft Copilot

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is here to transform the way we work and for companies looking to introduce Microsoft Copilot for their users, this can pose some potentially harmful risks if not done properly.

Due to the fact that Copilot uses your SharePoint tenant to access its knowledge, you need to make sure that your tenant is set up with the proper permissions. You wouldn’t want someone to be able to command Copilot to state your ‘CEO’s 2024 salary’ for example.

Expected Benefits

  • Deeper and more relevant search results
  • Personalized, relevant, and actionable responses
  • Tenant, group, and user protections
  • AI-assisted creativity, productivity, and automation


  • Storage 
  • Data privacy 
  • Security and compliance 
  • Adoption 

Existing data challenges are amplified with the use of AI

On average, globally, every human creates at least 1.7 MB of data every second

47% of digital workers struggle to find the information needed to effectively perform their jobs

40,000 permissions granted, >50% of permissions are high-risk, capable of causing catastrophic damage if used improperly

43% of respondents indicated that the most common barrier to AI adoption is the lack of a clear strategy for AI

What’s included in a Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment?

The Copilot Readiness Assessment is a 4 hour assessment which covers:

  • Heat map over-exposed sensitive content
  • Batch update permissions and workspace access
  • Lock-down Sensitive Workspaces with Policies

It is a single consulting engagement and at the end of it you will receive a PDF.

Need more help? We can help with all stages of Copilot, from readiness to sustainable adoption. Let us know what you need help with, we can have a quick chat.

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