A Learning Management System (LMS) that does it all for you

Having your own online training platform, with the ability to curate your own training programme, and use the course materials again and again, can be an effective and cost saving solution if you have a need to:

  • Educate new employees
  • Refresh the existing knowledge of your current employees
  • Create an ongoing training plan for your employees

We want to help you have autonomy of your own training plan, that’s why we’ve partnered with MavenPoint – to be able to provide you with an interactive online Learning Management System (LMS). The platform is called Curricula and offers eLearning course materials which adhere to our standards of teaching. By leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams, the platform ensures delegate accessibility and usability which delivers a seamless online learning and training experience.

Trust us to take care of the training, while your employees focus on the learning, and sit back as you reap the benefits of your newly skilled workforce and better business.

What courses are available?

All of our ‘All You Need to Know’ courses and workshops that are currently offered as virtual instructor-led training, are available in an eLearning format via Curricula. Curricula also offer a huge selection of Microsoft courses as well as soft skills training.

Our virtual, instructor-led training courses are conducted live in 3 different time zones (UK, US, ANZ) and limited to 6-10 attendees per course. By using our eLearning courses on a LMS you’ll be able to re-use the same training again, and again and train a greater number of employees whenever and wherever you want.

If you’re looking for something more tailored and bespoke, we’re able to create custom, or new eLearning materials for you, your employees and your company.

Here’s the areas we can cover: 

  • Information Management (Including Microsoft 365) 
  • Information Governance (Including Microsoft 365) 
  • Data Protection & Privacy (Including Microsoft 365)
  • Records Management (Including Microsoft 365)
  • GDPR (UK)
  • Data Ethics
  • Presentation & Communication Skills 

How does it work?

Each course is broken down into modules, and each module into a series of short 2-6 minute videos that break down each topic. Short assessments run throughout the training to make sure new knowledge is being retained by your employees.

For those who want or need to manage the admin aspect of an employee’s training, the LMS has some clever features that can save you lots of time. It easily enables you to manage attendance, completion and pass rates, and can send out automated email reminders, deadlines and notifications – so you don’t have to. 

What makes it different from other Learning Management Systems?

The integration with Microsoft Teams is superb and one of the main reasons we chose to host our eLearning materials on Curricula.

It keeps our ethos of group learning, collaboration and discussion alive while continuing to satisfy the regular needs and benefits of eLearning.

To briefly sum up how Teams is integrated:

  • An employee can run and complete a course through Microsoft Teams. It’s so quick and easy to access that it makes completing our courses hassle free. There’s no need to log into the Curricula platform on a browser every time!
  • Groups can be set up within Teams to allow for chat and discussion around the different courses and learning materials. This also is a benefit for communicating updates and notifications to employees.
  • Meetings can be held within Teams if you’d like multiple people to conduct the training all at the same time. Making it feel more like a classroom which allows for that all important collaboration and discussion.

For a full run through of the Microsoft Teams integration, contact us.

How do I get access?

Curricula’s Learning Management System (LMS) and eLearning materials are accessible via a subscription-based service.

Subscriptions can be paid for yearly and give you access to our courses as well as a ton of other Microsoft and soft skills eLearning courses.

What are the benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Unified learning technology, build on the Microsoft Cloud, reduces IT overhead. Automatically create courses on Microsoft’s Teams framework. Easily share messages, post notifications, and join online classes all within a familiar experience. 

Easily build and publish courses and lessons. Multiple learning objects that cover reference materials, quiz, file submission, and more. Deliver lessons to 10 students, or thousands with easily scalable and intuitive Microsoft cloud technology.

Students are guided through pre-class preparation, class participation, and post-class task tracking. Our handy Teams chatbot, Delphi, responds to common student questions about the course or lessons, anytime, anywhere. 

So an employee can be reminded of how to do a task rather than asking a colleague and distracting them.

You can add in your own training to the LMS as well as guides for processes and procedures.

A section of the LMS that can be used for employees to ask questions and collaborate on topics and ideas after completing training. 

As well as assessments within the training, you can set “homework” and “assignments” for employees to complete.

More about Curricula

Courses, classes, and lessons will be automatically created in Microsoft Teams – the collaboration tool of choice for modern enterprises. Teams facilitates learning, intercommunication, and sharing among lecturers and students.

Manage enrolment, learning paths, your knowledge repository, tasks, and marking.

Define specific learning objects required for each course including a sequence of learning tasks under a pre-set time duration.

Create quiz with multiple types of questions to measure and evaluate the achievements of your students.

Automatically post notification in Teams channel before classes start, and answer common student questions about courses, lessons, and tasks.

Quickly view future, in-progress, and completed courses, all alongside associated tasks, with clearly visible due-dates.
Keep track of your course schedule with keyword search and one-click navigation to the lesson you need.
Access and read all reference materials before class starts, take notes during the class, and submit your tasks after class from Curricula.

Leverage Microsoft collaboration technology to drive consistent user adoption and seamless learning experience.

Simplified system maintenance creates a common process for setting up, managing and provisioning of in-policy services for end-users (SaaS).

Deliver actionable data analysis and trend reports to your school leadership.
Assign users in your tenant to different roles with escalated level of permissions.

Track students’ attendance for each lesson with multiple choices such as present, absent, partially present, or late.

Modify the open or close time of quiz or other learning objects to fit into your schedule.

View and check all the lessons or courses, then release the learning paths to students.

Staff work-bin provides a secure zone only for lecturers to share teaching materials.


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