Discover how AI will influence the future of Information Management during the upcoming Microsoft Build Conference from May 21-23, 2024. Delve into topics like Copilot, Generative AI, Application Security, Cloud Platforms, Compliance, and more.

If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft Build, it’s an annual conference catered to developers and tech enthusiasts where Microsoft unveils new products, services, and updates across platforms like Azure, Windows, Office, and beyond. For information managers whose organizations rely on Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Build is particularly relevant.

Below we’ve curated a list of key Microsoft Build talks and sessions tailored for information managers. Best of all, you can watch them online for free! Given that in-person conference tickets typically cost $2,125USD, this online access presents an excellent opportunity to watch most of their sessions.


The ultimate list of Microsoft Build sessions for Information Managers:


Unlocking Data Security with Microsoft Purview Information Protection

Join this session to explore the APIs that Microsoft offers for data labelling and protection. Learn how to apply, update and delete sensitivity labels programmatically. Explore real-world scenarios where the MIP SDK enhances data protection in line-of-business applications and how it can enable auditing for sensitive information access.

Use AI for “real things” in your Windows Apps

Why should you care about AI? Learn about what kind of problems AI can solve across the full spectrum of AI – all through demos, demos, demos. From what tech is out there and what real life problems can it solve in real apps, including considerations around privacy, performance, responsible AI and more.

Accessibility in the era of generative AI

With 1 in every 6 people impacted by disability, it is important now more than ever to bring them along in an inclusive environment as we make progress in AI. At this session Microsoft will showcase the innovations built with and for people with disabilities. You will see how Azure AI is working alongside customers to bring inclusive products to market; products that extend the multi-modal benefits of image and speech recognition, and natural language interaction to bridge accessibility gaps for end users.

Activate enterprise data in AI-enabled business applications

Take your business applications to the next level by unlocking the power of AI generative knowledge leveraging the data platform for the modern enterprise: Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Fabric, and Microsoft 365.

Data Security Considerations for AI Adoption

One of the top security concerns for organisations when adopting AI solutions is data security. In this session, Microsoft experts will walk you through the best data security practices for securing the data that your AI solution is using – from it Azure Open AI, Copilot Studio to Microsoft Copilot.

Facing the Unimaginable: Cloud Platform Security in 2024

In 2024, cloud platforms are facing security threats that weren’t imaginable when the cloud started 15 years ago. In this session, hear from Microsoft’s core platform security engineering leader about the new attacks, vectors and threats his team faces every day and key mitigation strategies to help protect your application portfolio. With new threats capable of shutting your applications down at a moment’s notice, this is a session every developer should attend and take to heart.

Feedback Magic, the secret ingredient for growth

Feedback is an important and vital aspect of our growth; however, it is often delivered in a non-constructive manner which reduces its effectiveness. Join this session to find out how Magic the Gathering’s judge program perfected the art of feedback and growth and how we can incorporate it into our professional lives.

Inside Microsoft AI innovation with Mark Russinovich

Join Mark Russinovich, Azure CTO and Technical Fellow, for an in-depth exploration of Microsoft’s AI architecture. Discover the technology behind Microsoft’s sustainable datacenter design, massive supercomputers used for foundational model training, efficient infrastructure for serving models, workload management and optimisations, AI safety, and advancements in confidential computing to safeguard data during processing.

Integrating Copilot into SharePoint and Viva Connections

Join this demo heavy session where you will learn how to ‘click to create’ a Copilot natively in SharePoint or fire up VS Code to roll your own Copilot with SharePoint Embedded.

Reimagine Enterprise Website building with Low Code using Power Pages

Power Pages enables everyone from a low code maker to a pro developer to build websites for their business data. In this session, learn the latest and greatest enhancements of Power Pages and how customers are embracing it for their enterprise websites.

Remediating Cloud Risks with Microsoft Copilot for Security

Discover how Microsoft Copilot for Security, revolutionises risk remediation in cloud environments. In this session, we’ll explore Copilot’s integration with Defender for Cloud, showcasing its capability to detect, analyse, and resolve security threats efficiently.

Revolutionize the way you work with automation and AI

The combined power of automation and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work. Join this session to learn about Microsoft’s vision for the future of automation, our high-level roadmap, and how you can get value from generative AI today. See the latest tech designed to help you optimise, monitor, and rapidly create complex automations that integrate across your app ecosystem through simple conversations with Copilot in Power Automate.

Secure and govern AI copilots for enterprise-grade low-code solutions

Power Platform provides the quickest and easiest way to leverage the power of Generative AI and Copilot to unlock business potential. The security of data and assets is a top priority, while admin visibility and insights are crucial in assessing impact. Join this session to learn how to ensure that your business applications and data remains protected while scaling your AI solutions using the Power Platform.

Securing Generative AI Applications

Whilst Generative AI brings many exciting new features into the tech landscape, it also brings new security risks and introduces new angles on existing security issues. Join this session to learn about the best practices and tools you can use to secure the generative AI-enabled applications that you’re building to keep your organization productive and secure.

Transforming the most valuable industry workflows with Copilot

Join this session to hear how the most valuable industry scenarios in retail, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services are being transformed, using extensibility for Microsoft Copilot. Hear about the industry problems that can be solved using the broad array of options for platform extensibility, from low-code to pro-code.


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Microsoft Build 2024 - Image generated by Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft Build 2024 – Image generated by Microsoft Copilot