If you’ve been in the Microsoft world for a while now, or even if you haven’t, you’ll have seen a few (questionable) name changes across some of the information management functions. First it was the Microsoft Compliance center, which then changed to Microsoft Purview. Now we hear a lot about Microsoft Syntex but what actually is it?

What is Microsoft Syntex?

Microsoft Syntex is a family of apps and services designed to take automation and Automated Intelligence (AI) from the Microsoft 365 cloud and help you deploy and use it without having to write code.

You can do this with the apps you’re already using or within the content you have stored, making it a very powerful and compelling solution.

How does Microsoft Syntex relate to Records Management?

Syntex is being positioned as the future of Records Management tools inside Microsoft 365, so it’s vital for information managers to learn what it is now, and not get caught out with a knowledge gap in the future.

If you’re ready to:

  • Automate content-based processes
  • Automatically classify documents and extract metadata
  • Establish what the impacts are for records management inside Microsoft 365

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of Microsoft Syntex and its powerful AI technology.

Where to begin with learning more about the power of Microsoft Syntex

You’re in luck as we at Leadership Through Data educate on this subject and offer a Microsoft Syntex training course, perfect for information managers.

The course focuses on the document processing capabilities of Microsoft Syntex, including the underlying SharePoint architecture that it depends on, and how they can help you manage content at scale in your organization.

We’ve designed the course to demonstrate where Microsoft Syntex can be leveraged in your organization’s Microsoft 365 environment to realize the following benefits.

  • Improved content classification
  • Improved search and discovery
  • Streamlined routine and high-value business processes,
  • as well as numerous other advanced management capabilities included with a Syntex license.

We use scenario-based learning methods during this course to truly immerse you into a realistic situation.

The scenario we have chosen demonstrates an end-to-end example of planning, building, and applying a Syntex model to a SharePoint library to solve a real-world business problem.

The course works through different exercises to demonstrate Syntex functionality, and during that you will learn how Syntex uses “Machine Teaching” to train the model. Once trained, you will deploy it to your own library in your dedicated SharePoint site to see it working up close.

Our practical and hands-on approach to training will help you understand how you can deploy this advanced technology in your own organization.

Microsoft Syntex training course

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