Are you an information manager who wants to learn about the latest AI innovations, sharpen your skills, and connect with experts and peers? Then do not miss Microsoft Ignite 2023. You can attend it online – free, from anywhere from 15-16 November 2023. Register here. 

As we (Leadership Through Data) are specialists in information management education, training and consultancy, we’ve saved some time for you and have put together the perfect list of sessions for information managers. You can thank us later. 

The ultimate list of Microsoft Ignite sessions for Information Managers

  • Microsoft Ignite opening: Satya Nadella will share how Microsoft is creating new opportunity across our platforms in this new era of AI.
  • The future of content management in the AI era with Microsoft Syntex: Let’s talk about AI innovations in Microsoft Syntex, to help you organise and manage the volumes of content in your organization for better productivity, collaboration, and compliance. The Syntex product team would like to hear your possible scenarios for new Syntex capabilities such as translation, multi-label classification, OCR, eSignature, skills/plugins for Copilot, Microsoft 365 Backup, Microsoft 365 Archive, and more.
  • Preventing loss of sensitive data: Microsoft Purview DLP Q&A: Microsoft Purview DLP helps proactive prevent accidental or intentional loss of sensitive data across apps and devices. Join us to discuss how you can modernize your DLP, get started quickly, and how DLP works with Microsoft Defender products. We will discuss our roadmap and any other questions you might have.
  • Secure and govern your data in the era of AI: While the management and absence of integration between isolated solutions have become notable challenges, Microsoft Purview provides comprehensive solutions to understand, protect and manage data to meet business and regulatory needs. In this session, we are excited to share the innovation driving Microsoft Purview—join us as we demonstrate how Purview’s comprehensive approach to data security, compliance and privacy helps empower organizations to protect and govern their data.
  • Secure document lifecycle in Microsoft 365: Syntex eSignature: Every organization works with high-value documents and associated business processes, whether contracts, claims processing, or procurement etc. Digital signatures are the path forward for legally binding documents in this AI era. Let’s chat about the new Syntex eSignature, Microsoft’s native electronic signature solution, now in GA and also integrated with DocuSign and Adobe Sign. We’re eager to get your initial feedback on this secure, end-to-end document lifecycle service.
  • Enabling sovereignty with Microsoft Azure discussion: Governments are accelerating their digital transformation and must address the evolving demands of their citizens while protecting sensitive data and delivering on promises of trust and security. With Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, governments can overcome regulatory hurdles and maximize the value of cloud computing. Come ask questions as we discuss how Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty can help unlock the cloud for government customers previously hindered by sovereign requirements.
  • AI in Viva Engage: AI Copilots provide powerful capabilities to assist corporate communicators, leaders and employees to express themselves. But how do we balance the power of AI with authenticity and responsible AI principles? Join this discussion on the future of AI in Viva Engage and share with us your perspectives on how AI should influence the future of corporate communications.
  • Measure Microsoft 365 Copilot readiness and impact with Viva Insights: Microsoft Viva Insights provides visibility into workplace activities and collaboration patterns that impact the business outcomes you care about. Learn how a new Viva Insights dashboard will help CIOs measure readiness, engagement, and impact of Microsoft 365 Copilot. CIOs can determine if they are getting the most out of their investments, and analysts can study correlations between how those investments impact key business outcomes like retention and productivity.
  • Harnessing Microsoft 365 Copilot & AI to Power Better Teamwork: AI has the potential to greatly enhance productivity by simplifying complex tasks, streamlining workflows, and sparking innovation. Matt Heying, SVP of Product at Mural, will demo how AI plays several roles within Mural’s visual work platform — using Azure OpenAI and Microsoft 365 Copilot. He’ll also walk through how Mural fits seamlessly into the entire Microsoft ecosystem, enabling teams to be more efficient and get back to the work they love doing.
  • Getting your enterprise ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot: Join this session on preparing an organization for Microsoft 365 Copilot including core concepts, deployment prerequisites, information access optimization, and extensibility options. We’ll also cover tips for driving internal adoption and success. Additionally, we’ll provide an overview on the importance of trust in the Microsoft Cloud, with a focus on data privacy and residency, and the comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls in place to protect data and AI models.

If you’re keen to share your experience and help Microsoft to make their products better for the future, there’s an opportunity to join the following roundtables:

  • Be a part of the creation process: Simplify and streamline Teams UX: This interactive session will provide our customers have an opportunity to share what is most valuable to them, their pain points and creative wishlist ideas, including delighter features. Help us help you by providing your feedback for how to simplify the user experience for our diverse and growing user base.
  • Make external collaboration in Microsoft Teams simple and trustworthy: Usage of Microsoft Teams is rather limited for collaboration within the organization, even though a significant percentage of users need to work with people from outside their org. Most users either do not know or find it difficult or lack the required trust to use Teams for collaboration with users from other organizations. On the other hand, admin configurations may also be adding to this friction. We want to validate some of the pain points and opportunities we have identified which will help us remove this barrier and make Teams the go-to application for any external collaboration.
  • Understand your risk and protect your most sensitive data: Insightful classification and protection are key to data security. In the roundtable discussions we will talk about how to quickly get started and get an update of our latest product capabilities. We want to learn about the hurdles you have had so our subject matter experts can shape future product offerings with your feedback.
  • AI-enabled work management in Microsoft 365: Do you wish AI could help you better manage your work day, projects and tasks? Share your feedback directly with the product team to help us prioritize what we work on next: How can AI help you and your team manage your tasks and projects more efficiently, achieve goals for your team and organization, and promote improved team collaboration and ways of working? Join this interactive session to discuss AI opportunities and shape the future of Microsoft 365 work and task management.
  • Preventing accidental or intentional loss of sensitive data with Microsoft Purview DLP: Microsoft Purview DLP helps proactively prevent accidental or intentional loss of sensitive data across apps and devices. In this product roundtable we will discuss how you can get started quickly, advanced scenarios that can help you comprehensively protect sensitive information. Join us to get your queries answered from DLP experts and learn how you can take a proactive approach to data security. You will also have an opportunity to provide feedback and influence our product roadmap.
  • Microsoft Loop: help transform the future of co-creation: Microsoft Loop is a transformative co-creation experience that brings together teams, content and tasks across your tools and devices. Loop enables you to organize everything you need for your project in a central workspace with components that synchronize across apps. In this session, we’d love to learn from you! Come share your opinions on how to improve Loop so it’s more useful for your work while learning how others are using Loop too. Join us to help transform the co-creation experience.
  • Engaging users with Experience insights in Microsoft 365 admin center: The Microsoft 365 admin center is expanding to support more IT roles and responsibilities. The newest role that we are investing in is the Adoption or Success Specialist roles who are tasked with driving healthy usage and happy users with M365 in their orgs. Come join this session to tell us more about your role, responsibilities, and challenges and help us define the next wave of features!
  • Microsoft Stream and Clipchamp: With Microsoft Stream and Clipchamp you can create, edit, publish and distribute both simple and professional videos across your organization. The product team can share what’s new in each product, how they work together and chat about your use case scenarios that help make your organization more productive and creative.

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