In the realm of Microsoft 365, security isn’t a solo act – it’s more like a symphony with multiple co-pilots at play.  

Ensuring the security of your Microsoft 365 environment is paramount, especially if you’re currently using, or intend to start using Microsoft Copilot. 

Even if you don’t intend to use Copilot, securing your Microsoft 365 is still good practice, so buckle up as this blog post delves into the intricacies of data security for Microsoft 365. 

Here’s the 3 main things you need to think about:

Data Lifecycle Management 

Data Lifecycle Management is a crucial aspect we cannot afford to overlook. It’s all about cherishing the valuable and bidding farewell to the obsolete. Think of it as tidying up your digital space – keeping what matters and discarding the rest. 

Information Architecture 

Information Architecture is just a fancy term for organising our SharePoint sites sensibly. 

By structuring them effectively, we not only gain better control over permissions but also over our teams. Governance is key here.  

Do you know who in your company has the power to create Teams, SharePoint sites, or Microsoft 365 Groups? If not, you better get cracking with this one. Here’s a training course that will help:

Microsoft 365 Information Architecture Training Course (AUS / UK / US)

And don’t forget about regular audits of your Information Architecture too! To ensure that access remains in the right hands. 

Oh, and those sharing settings on SharePoint sites? Double-check those too. 

Microsoft 365 Groups 

Let’s shine a light on Microsoft 365 Groups. Are your users casually sharing files using those ‘sharing links’ and tweaking permissions as they please? It’s a potential security loophole that demands attention. 

Here’s our advice – use Sensitivity Labels. These little guardians of confidentiality can encrypt individual documents and tighten permissions like a fortress. 

Why does this matter when Copilot is concerned, you ask? 

Well, if a user lacks access to certain content, Copilot won’t touch it either. Sensitivity labels are the unsung heroes in the battle for data security, especially in the Copilot arena. 

To wrap things up 

So, there you have it – data security in the world of Microsoft 365, with Copilot as our co-pilot. 

It’s a journey where every precaution counts, and every safeguard plays a vital role. 

Get Copilot ready with a Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment

We at Leadership Through Data offer a Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment to get you started on your Copilot journey.

It’s a service that helps organisations adopt and optimize Microsoft Copilot, and covers the topics mentioned within this blog post. Suited for companies who are already in Microsoft 365 with active usage and subscriptions.

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