Safeguarding information assets is of paramount importance in information management. In today’s digital landscape, where unexpected events can disrupt operations, cloud data backup is an absolute must.  

As an example, in May 2024 Google Cloud disclosed that it accidentally deleted the account of its customer UniSuper, a $125 billion Australian pension fund. As a result, more than 600,000 pension fund users were unable to access their accounts for over a week. The fund was able restore data and services via an unnamed third-party backup provider.

Reasons why you should backup your cloud data 

  1. Mitigating Data Loss Risks: Data backup ensures that copies of your cloud data are stored separately from the original. Whether due to natural disasters, human errors, or security incidents, unexpected events can lead to data loss. Having backups allows you to restore lost data and maintain business continuity. 
  2. Business Continuity and Recovery: Cloud-based backups allow rapid restoration. This agility minimises downtime, ensuring uninterrupted services. When systems fail, having reliable backups means your organisation can bounce back swiftly.  
  3. Cost-Effective and Automated: Manual backups are labour-intensive and error prone. Cloud solutions automate this process, reducing operational burden. By leveraging the cloud, you avoid hefty upfront investments in physical infrastructure.  
  4. Meeting Compliance Obligations: Legislation and industry standards mandate data protection and retention. Cloud backup mechanisms help meet these requirements. During audits, having robust backup and recovery capabilities strengthens your organisation’s information management maturity and data security postures.  
  5. Version History and Flexibility: While not the primary goal, cloud backups provide version history of your cloud data store. You can revert to a specific point-in-time snapshot if needed.

Introducing Microsoft 365 Backup 

Your in-place backup solution with lightning-fast restorability from Microsoft to ensure business continuity. 

To make backing up Microsoft 365 data easier, in April 2024 Microsoft released information about a new Microsoft 365 Backup solution. 

Microsoft 365 Backup provides business continuity peace of mind in the face of growing ransomware and user or admin-driven content destruction events. 

It provides recovery of your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online data within the Microsoft 365 trust boundary. 

Microsoft 365 Backup is a pay-as-you-go offering with charges based on consumption, unlike traditional seat-based licenses. 

Microsoft 365 Backup (Preview) is now available worldwide in all commercial cloud environments. General availability is expected to be mid-2024.

Further details 

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