On 20 May 2024 we held a joint webinar with our partners RIMPA. The webinar which was titled ‘Is Your Microsoft 365 Information Management Ready for Copilot? Navigating the AI Landscape’ covered:

  • An Overview of Microsoft 365 Copilot – Understanding its capabilities and potential impact on Information Management
  • Microsoft Purview Features – Overview of the key features which relate to Copilot for Microsoft 365 as audit, retention, information protection, eDiscovery, and records management
  • A Roadmap to Readiness – Identifying the steps organizations need to take to ensure their Information Management systems are Copilot-ready

This webinar is due to run in a UK/US friendly time zone on 16 July 2024 | 10:00-11:00 EDT / 15:00-16:00 BST

Throughout the webinar we asked our audience of around 100 people some poll questions to discover what the current landscape looks like when it comes to Microsoft, AI, and Copilot. Here are the results.


Have you used any Generative AI tools (e.g. M365 Copilot, Chat GPT, Bing Chat, Microsoft Edge Copilot etc.) to help you do better in your work? 

We started our session with a look at the latest Work Trends and Generative IA usage at work. 65% of the poll participants indicated that they used Generative AI tools to do better in their work. 35% of the poll participants indicated that they never used Generative AI tools. 


Are you using Microsoft 365 at work? SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft 365 Office apps? 

Then we took a deep dive into how Copilot for M365 is going to change the way we work in M365. 100% of the poll participants indicated that they are using M365 at work, which is one of the main pre-requisites for Copilot for M365. 


What Microsoft 365 content can users access via Microsoft 365 Copilot? 

We talked about what M365 content users can access via Copilot for M365. It is important to note that users can access via Copilot for M365 only those content they have permissions to. At least ‘View’ permissions are required. Users cannot access via Copilot for M365 content that they have no access permissions to. 


Please rate how useful Microsoft 365 Copilot would be in your organisation? 

We had a look at how Copilot works in different M365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams and discussed how useful M365 Copilot would be in our organisations. 10% of the poll participants thought that M365 Copilot would be extremely useful in their organisations, 27% thought it would be extremely useful. Most of the poll participants (43%) thought it would be moderately useful. 10% thought it would be of limited use and 10% weren’t sure. No one thought it wouldn’t be useful. 


What retention period for Copilot interactions would you recommend for your organisation? 

We had a look at the Copilot for M365 from the information management perspective, exploring Microsoft Purview capabilities for managing Copilot interactions, including auditing, eDiscovery, retention policies and information protection. We discussed what retention period for copilot interactions poll respondents would recommend. Most of the poll respondents would recommend their organisations to retain copilot interactions for 7 years (20% of the respondents). 14% opted for the 1-year retention period, 11% – for 3 months, 9% – for 3 years, 4% for 5 years and 4% for 6 months. 


Would access to Microsoft Purview AI hub be useful for information management and compliance teams in your organisation? 

We had a look at the recently released Microsoft Purview AI hub and discussed how useful it would be for the information managers to have access to that hub. 85% of the poll respondents indicated that access to Microsoft Purview AI hub would be useful for the information management and compliance teams in their organisation. 


Please rate your organisation’s readiness for M365 Copilot 

At the end of the webinar, we explored the roadmap to readiness from the IT and IM perspectives and asked webinar attendees to indicate how ready their organisations are for Copilot for M365.

37% of the respondents indicated that their organisations are ‘Somewhat Ready’. They have started learning about M365 Copilot but have not fully implemented it.

32% of the respondents selected ‘Not Ready’ as they have not yet explored M365 Copilot.

8% of the respondents felt that their organisations were ‘Ready’. They either had Pilot users, or some parts of the organisation have already started using M365 Copilot.

7% of the respondents indicated that they are already using Copilot for Microsoft 365 and it is fully implemented organisation-wide.

15% selected ‘I don’t know’ option.



In conclusion, the webinar provided valuable insights into the perceptions and readiness of organizations in Australasia regarding Microsoft Copilot. The high usage of Generative AI tools among participants indicates a growing reliance on AI-driven solutions in the workplace. The unanimous usage of Microsoft 365 underscores the relevance of Copilot within existing workflows. While there is a consensus on the potential usefulness of Copilot, organizations vary in their readiness, with some yet to explore its capabilities. The discussion around retention periods and the utility of Microsoft Purview AI hub highlights the importance of integrating Copilot within broader information management strategies. Overall, the webinar sheds light on the evolving landscape of AI-driven tools in information management and the steps organizations are taking to adapt to these advancements.


The next steps for your Copilot success

If you’re not sure where to start with Microsoft Copilot chat with one of our team below. We’ll ask you a couple of questions to determine a plan of action for you.

If your company is keen on using Copilot, you’ll first need to understand your information landscape. A Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment is the best place to start.

Before you turn Copilot on, as an information manager you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the tool and learn about what you need to do as an information manager to ensure successful management. Our Microsoft Copilot for Information Managers online eLearning course (Australasia/UK/US) would be perfect for this.

If you’ve rolled it out already, or just about to roll it out, your users will need some training. Our Microsoft Copilot for End Users online eLearning course is the perfect thing you’ll need.

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