Managing data interactions within Microsoft 365 is paramount, especially when it comes to legal cases and compliance investigations. Microsoft Purview eDiscovery emerges as a pivotal tool, offering a comprehensive solution for handling digital data seamlessly. Among its myriad functionalities, one stands out—its ability to manage copilot data within Microsoft 365, making it indispensable for organizations navigating data compliance and security landscapes. 

Understanding the Two Versions of eDiscovery: Standard vs. Premium 

Microsoft 365 presents two distinct versions of eDiscovery: standard and premium, each tailored to address varying needs and complexities. 

Standard eDiscovery: Basic Functionality for Everyday Needs 

The standard version serves as a fundamental tool, providing basic search and case management functionalities ideal for everyday data tasks. However, it lacks the capability to search for copilot interactions, making it less suitable for comprehensive investigations. 

Premium eDiscovery: Advanced Tools for In-Depth Investigations 

In contrast, the premium version of eDiscovery elevates the game by offering advanced data analysis tools and extensive custodian management features. This premium tier enables users to delve into intricate investigations, including the search and deletion of user prompts and Microsoft Copilot responses within supported applications and services. This capability proves invaluable in identifying and removing sensitive or inappropriate content, thereby safeguarding against data breaches and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. 

Role Requirements for Utilizing eDiscovery Premium 

To harness the full potential of eDiscovery premium, users must hold membership in the eDiscovery Manager role group within the Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal. Furthermore, to execute the deletion of Copilot data, individuals must be assigned the Search and Purge role, typically allocated to the Data Investigator and Organization Management role groups by default. 

Navigating Deletion Limits: Ensuring Swift Incident Response 

It’s crucial to note that the deletion process is subject to a maximum limit of 10 items per mailbox at a time. This restriction aims to expedite incident response efforts, ensuring swift removal of potentially compromising data. Such measures underscore Microsoft’s commitment to proactive data management and security. 

Applications and Services Integrating with Copilot 

For organizations seeking clarity on the scope of Copilot integration, a comprehensive list of applications and services acting as sources for copilot data is provided below. Regardless of the service utilized, all user prompts to Copilot and subsequent responses are securely stored within the user’s mailbox, facilitating streamlined data management and retrieval processes. 

The current applications and services integrating with Microsoft Copilot are: 

  • Microsoft Word 
  • Microsoft Outlook 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Microsoft Excel 

Conclusion: Advancing Data Management and Compliance with Microsoft 365 and Purview eDiscovery  

In conclusion, Microsoft 365 Capacity Discovery powered by Microsoft Purview to eDiscovery represents a pivotal advancement in data management and compliance. By empowering users with robust tools for identifying, managing, and securing copilot data, organizations can navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence, safeguarding sensitive information and upholding regulatory standards. 

Get in Touch: Preparing for Copilot Rollout and Implementation

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