Before we delve into what makes our trainers (UK, US, A/NZ) exceptional, let’s take a closer look at our training methods and why they’re so effective.

Our Training Methods: Why we do what we do

At Leadership Through Data, our training techniques are grounded in the science of effective teaching and the psychology of learning.

We centre our approach on participatory learning, which is an interactive and captivating method encompassing activities like games, exercises, practical scenarios, video presentations, and visually enriched slides.

We understand that the human brain processes visual information more effectively than text, resulting in prolonged memory retention when information is presented in visual formats.

To further enhance comprehension, we leverage concise videos to succinctly convey key concepts.

Our unwavering dedication is to ensure that learning is not only informative but also an enjoyable and innovative experience. 

Where we find our trainers and how they find us

Now, let’s address the question of where we find our trainers (UK, US, A/NZ) and how they discover us.

Attracting top-quality trainers is no small feat, and we don’t need to resort to dark alleys to find them (honestly, who would?). Instead, we source our trainers through various avenues. They come to us through recommendations, presentations at conferences, or are individuals with proven expertise in information management, privacy, or Microsoft 365.

Our presence at events and conferences is strategic; we believe that knowledgeable places bring together knowledgeable people. Word of mouth also plays a significant role in how trainers find us, thanks to our stellar reputation in the industry.

The Secret Sauce: Our trainer hiring and training process

While we’re happy to share many things, some aspects of our trainer hiring and training process remain trade secrets. We believe in keeping a bit of our magic to ourselves.

Why our trainers are exceptional 

Our trainers are nothing short of outstanding, and here’s why: 

  • They possess unparalleled skills, knowledge, and experience. 
  • They are working professionals with years of hands-on expertise. 
  • They are not only knowledgeable but also incredibly personable. 
  • They excel in presentation and soft skills, making the learning experience enjoyable. 
  • They are committed to the goals and vision of Leadership Through Data 
  • They enjoy working for us and imparting their years of knowledge onto others. 
  • They are beautiful and kind people 

Keeping our trainers at the top of their game

We keep our trainers sharp through continuous improvement:

  • Regular customer surveys and feedback sessions (after courses have taken place) allow us to identify areas for our trainer’s improvement. 
  • We run ‘train the trainer’ sessions to allow them to upskill in areas such as Microsoft 365, artificial intelligence or public speaking. 
  • We listen to their needs and help them with their development by giving them support and encouragement.

Our longevity and success

We’ve been in the business for a significant amount of time, and our trainers are consistent with bringing their wealth of experience to every training session.

Our trainers play a large part in helping us to update our course content, after all, they’re working professionals who take pride in their profession. They themselves are always up to date, so this ensures our courses are always up to date too.

Fantastic testimonials about our trainers 

Our trainers receive rave reviews from satisfied clients, and we are so grateful of their hard work and dedication to Leadership Through Data. 

Here’s just a few great comments:

“I found the trainers style to be very engaging. I felt this showed enthusiasm for the topic. There is nothing worse than an unenthusiastic trainer!”

Our trainer was knowledgeable and delivered the course in a way that was engaging and interactive for all skill levels.

The trainer held my attention well despite the course being online; I found myself nodding along with them throughout.
The content was pragmatically framed, which I appreciate rather than just promoting pure best practice – the course leader recognized that no one is getting RM 100% right and every place has its own challenges.
The trainer was knowledgeable, humble, supportive and inclusive.

At the start of my course our trainer asked our group about ourselves and what we wanted to get out of the course, this allowed them to give specific and relevant detail to each individual throughout the course 

I enjoyed the group discussions which were led by our trainer, it really got me thinking.

To wrap things up

Our trainers are the backbone of Leadership Through Data. Their skills, dedication, and commitment to excellence are what make us a top-tier training and consultancy company.

We’re proud of the knowledge and expertise they bring to the table, and we can’t wait to introduce you to some of our exceptional trainers in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

Meet our trainers who train in the United Kingdom & Ireland, Unites States & Canada and Australia & New Zealand.

Need tailored and bespoke training?

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