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Please be aware that this course is split into three parts:

  • Part 1 & 2 is a half day educational course. Usually from 9:30-12.30.
  • Part 3: Is held on a separate day and is a two hour presentation and feedback session where you will present your work to the group. Usually 9:30-11:30.

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Course Overview

In the competitive world that we live in, it is no longer enough to have just competency to carry out your job, you need to be able to communicate effectively as well. Presentation skills  are highly valued and is one that anyone can improve upon.

As information professionals we are required to have the skills to deliver a good presentation for our voices to be heard.  Influence needs be the focus of your information management work streams. Story telling moves people from one side to another. Senior management, staff and customers must be influenced to buy in to your IM ‘Brand’ or strategy. Despite the critical importance of persuasion most people struggle to communicate, let alone inspire. If we told stories we would inspire and have more influence over what we are trying to achieve. 

Session 1 & 2

  • What is Public Speaking 
  • The three P’s – Planning, Practice and Performance 
  • Planning – Mind Maps and Brain storming 
  • Creating your Story  
  • How to build a slide deck 
  • Practice, Record and Review 
  • Pre-Talk set up and nerves  
  • Stop the Difference, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 
  • Confidence, Body Language and the Performance

Session 2

  • The live Performance 
  • TED Talks 
  • Takeaway action plan 

What you will learn from the course

  • Gain an understanding of what public speaking is and how to do it well. 
  • Develop your own personal story.  
  • How to combat nerves and use the power of visualisation in public speaking.  
  • How to communicate effectively when delivering your talk. 
  • Understand how tone, voice, and body language effect your delivery. 
  • Deliver a 15-minute public speaking presentation.  


The benefits of presentation training are for you to taking charge of your ‘brand’ (information management and privacy) and improve your presentation and storytelling skills. From design concept to delivery. This will boost your confidence and prepare you for all kinds of situations such as professional speaking or leisure activities like wedding speeches. Delivering a great talk will not only engage your audience to the message, but will build your confidence, so you can feel comfortable speaking in front of groups. A good presentation crafted around story telling is a very powerful way to communicate a message, idea, concept, or business case.  

The benefits also include:

  • To be a better presenter 
  • To design and create better content to present  
  • To help you think outside the box 
  • To design an inclusive training course 
  • To understand how people receive information  
  • To become a better communicator 
  • To use the energy within you

Who should attend?

This course is for any level of job role and any industry type.

Pre-Pay Option

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We offer a pre-pay option, where you can pay now and choose what courses to book later (within a year). This option is both cost efficient and speeds up the booking process. It’s really handy for large companies/organisations who have frequent training needs.

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In-House Training

If you’re looking to book training for 6 or more people onto the same course, we are able to offer private in-house training – a cost efficient option.

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What our clients said about the course

I thought my presentation skills were pretty good, but how I was wrong. This course helped me to pick up so many new ideas and ways of working. I didn’t realize how many new skills and techniques there were that could take me to the next level. I get so many compliments and great feedback on my presentations now, and I’m always able to engage my audience in a way that works.

Data Architect, University
This excellent training session helped me turn a very wordy information governance induction presentation into something that is now visually interesting and much more interactive. I would recommend this course to anyone who provides information governance related training. The course will help all information governance professionals better engage with their audience and turn information governance, which can be a dry subject, into something that is much more fun!
Information Governance Manager, Property company, North West of England

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