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Course Overview

Microsoft 365 includes 4 different search tools:

  • Content Search 
  • eDiscovery (Standard) 
  • eDiscovery (premium) 
  • User Data Search 

All of which can be used to find information stored across SharePoint, Teams, Exchange and Viva Engage.

This short course will teach you how to use all four of these tools with special focus on the use of eDiscovery (Premium) to support your investigation requirements.

eDiscovery (Premium) provides an end-to-end workflow to preserve, collect, analyse, review, and export content in response to your organisation’s internal and external investigations. It also includes features to manage the entire legal hold notification workflow, to communicate with custodians involved in a case.

By collecting data from the source with the eDiscovery tools, you can search the live Microsoft 365 platform to quickly find what you need. Intelligent, machine learning capabilities such as deep indexing, email threading, and near duplicate detection also help you reduce large volumes of data to a relevant data set.

This short course covers the entire process end-to-end including: 

  • Search setup 
  • Results refinement 
  • Content hold 
  • Export and communication.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn how to: 

  • Tell the differences between Content Search, eDiscovery (Standard), User Data Search & eDiscovery (Premium) 
  • Carry out searches using all 4 tools 
  • Refine results using eDiscovery (Premium) search tools 
  • Refine results using deduplication controls and other eDiscovery case settings 
  • Control access to an eDiscovery (Premium) Case 
  • Manage Legal Hold using eDiscovery (Premium) 
  • Send hold notifications using eDiscovery (Premium) 
  • Export and mange case reports 
  • Export and manage case results


  • Learn how to use Microsoft Purview eDiscovery tools in depth.
  • Learn how to carry out investigations across Microsoft 365 data.
  • Understand the impacts of Microsoft Purview eDiscovery for information managers.
  • Learn from scenarios and use cases.
  • Instructor-led training for thorough understanding.
  • Use of pictorial slides and graphics = no text heavy presentations.
  • PowerPoint slides are shared after the course.

Who should attend?

This course is for people with existing knowledge of investigation requirements, who want to learn how to use the search features in the Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal in order to carry out investigations.

Note: To carry out the investigations in your own organization you will need the eDiscovery Manager role in Microsoft 365.

Course Exclusions

  • This course will not cover the add-on license of Microsoft Priva and it’s enhanced Subject Rights Requests feature.
  • No access to a training environment to test out the product (sandbox).
  • No workbook provided.

Suggested Follow on Courses

  • Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Records Management
  • Microsoft 365 Information Architecture
  • Microsoft 365 Audit and Investigation
  • Microsoft Syntex

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