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Course Overview

What is Information Risk? 

  • Legislation/regulation/gov guidance 
  • Definitions

What is risk appetite?  

  • Definition 
  • Why is it important?

Introduction to an annual cycle of risk management  

  • Activities
    • Risk identification
    • Risk management
    • Risk accountability, ownership and escalation

Importance of organizational buy in 

  • Engagement  
  • Communication 

Learning Objectives

Through interaction and practical scenario work, this course will provide you with an introduction to Information Risk Management, to support you to fulfil the tasks required: 

  • Risk identification 
  • Risk management 
  • Risk escalation


This course can help with: 

  • Defining an organisational risk framework 
  • Auditing an existing framework to incorporate best practice 
  • Manging information risk on behalf of an organisation or a specific area, function or department.

This course will enable good information risk management which can: 

  • Minimize organizational risk and thus reputational damage 
  • Assist with statutory or regulatory compliance 
  • Assist with professional and personal development in the information governance arena. 

Who should attend?

This course is perfect for any organisation or employee who: 

  • Has a responsibility for implementing a risk framework 
  • Manages information risk on behalf of their organsiation 
  • Is a risk owner or is responsible for managing information risk. 

This course suits all levels of grade and experence.

Suggested Follow on Courses

  • Senior Information Risk Owner
  • Information Asset Owner

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