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The workshop will cover the following topics: 


  • What does records management look like in M365? ​ 

What tools can I use and how? ​ 

  • Microsoft purview​ 
  • Retention policies 
    • What are they?​
    • When, where and how can I use them? 
  • Retention labels​
    • What are they?​
    • When, where and how can I use them? 

A starter model for M365 retention

Learning Objectives

  • An overview of how best to embed records management in Microsoft 365


  • The workshop will help you maximise your records management capabilities in your Microsoft 365 ecosystem.  
  • Understand the tools available to you and learn how to deploy them at the start of a project, or re-engineer them following a deployment.

Who should attend?

  • M365 project managers 
  • M365 in house IT leads and their teams 
  • M365 in house IG leads and their teams 
  • M365 in house RM leads and their teams  
  • M365 project SROs


  • This course won’t go into detailed technical specifications 
  • This course does not include a workbook 
  • This course does not include any exercises

Suggested Follow on Courses

  • Microsoft 365 Records Management 
  • Microsoft 365 Information Architecture

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