Upcoming Live Webinar Dates

Every quarter a ‘Ketchup’ is hosted LIVE in one of three time zones. Below are the next Live webinars in an AEST/AEDT time zone. If you would like to register for the LIVE webinars in GMT/BST or EST/EDT, please follow the links.

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Upcoming Recorded Webinar Dates

All our webinars are recorded and available to watch on-demand one week after the live recording date. The below relate to the live webinars conducted in other time zones. The dates you can see below are the days you will receive the recorded webinar to your email inbox. Please register below to receive a recording.

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Webinar Overview

Can’t keep up with the ever-updating Microsoft releases? We’ve done the hard work for you and condensed all the latest updates into one simple webinar that’s easy to understand and related to Information Governance and Records Management, as well as your day-to-day job.

As well as any regular releases, our ‘Ketchups’ also include important news and information from Microsoft’s major annual conferences:

  • Ignite (the main technology conference)
  • Build (the developers conference)
  • Inspire (partners conference)

The ‘Ketchup’ webinar will cover:

  • A run through of our information sources
  • Releases in the last 3 months including demonstrations
  • What is coming in the next 3 months
  • Announcements for new features further out
  • References – for more info

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone in the Information and Records Management community that use Microsoft 365 and want to keep up to date with the relevant changes and updates from Microsoft.

What is the difference between Live & Recorded?

We do our ‘Ketchups’ quarterly, and they’re always FREE to attend.

Every quarter a ‘Ketchup’ is hosted LIVE in one of three time zones.

  • GMT
  • AEDT
  • CT

Each live webinar is recorded and available to watch on-demand a week after the live recording date. Please register to receive a Recorded session if he the time zone of the Live session does not suit you.

Whether you register for the Live or Recorded session, we will always follow up with a link to watch on-demand, a written summary of all the points covered, and a form for those who could not attend live, to submit your questions and receive an answer from the host.

Watch On-Demand

Watch the latest webinar, or read the full summary of our most recent Microsoft 365 Quarterly ‘Ketchup’.

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We offer a selection of Microsoft 365 courses.

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  • Microsoft 365 SharePoint Super User
  • Microsoft 365 Information Architecture
  • Microsoft 365 SharePoint Records Management
  • Microsoft 365 Information Privacy & Protection
  • Microsoft 365 Teams Information Protection
  • Microsoft 365 Audit and Investigation
  • Microsoft 365 Syntex

What our clients said about the course

This is an absolutely fantastic resource. I spend quite a lot of time each week working through my various sources for updates to get ahead of changes and signpost useful features to our users and this is like an extra check to reassure me I haven’t missed anything significant.

Microsoft 365 Product Manager