Information Management & Governance Advice that Truly Helps

Leadership Through Data’s consultancy and advisory services offer you piece of mind for your information management projects and requirements through our tailor made service. As we all know well, one solution rarely fits all! Particularly in the industry of information management and governance.

We appreciate that consultancy is an investment for any organisation, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing added value in a cost effective way. Give us a call or email, let’s have a chat, and we’ll be able to build something that fits what you need.

We have trusted partners globally that we collaborate with to provide top-notch technical expertise as part of our Microsoft 365 consultancy service and information management services. Together, we offer a comprehensive approach to your information management needs.

Microsoft 365 Consultancy Services

Information 365 Design

Microsoft 365 is easy to setup poorly and difficult to setup well. Its breadth and depth of functionality, and its evergreen nature makes it difficult to configure effectively and hence deliver business value.

It may appear that you can use Microsoft 365 applications and services like SharePoint and Teams out-of-the-box, but left to grow organically without proper thought and planning, your Microsoft 365 environment can quickly become an unmanageable source of risk.

This can leave you open to data security issues, data breaches, poor data quality, and lead you to invest in add-on applications that are costly and often unnecessary.

We can provide:

  • Microsoft 365 vision, strategy and business case
  • Microsoft 365 information architecture inc. SharePoint and Teams information architectures
  • Intranet and extranet implementations
  • Document and records management systems
  • Enterprise content management portals
  • Compliance Centre configuration and Microsoft 365 governance policies

Information Governance & Assurance

Information governance requires a holistic approach that addresses information issues first and foremost to enable you to effectively manage your business.

To be competitive today you need to be able leverage your information to maximise business efficiency, but how well are you managing your information? You may be monitoring incident reporting and policy checklists for your information, but these are only indicators. These cannot tell you how well you are managing your information.

This can mean that you will miss out on critical insights to help you run your business more effectively, avoid duplication, and reduce compliance risk.

We can provide:

  • Risk assessments and help with governance frameworks
  • Guidance with policies access models and maturity models
  • Analysis of what information your Company has

This will be essential for an effective Microsoft 365 information architecture and migration plan.

Migration Plan

Systems have to change over time. This results in organisations needing to carry out information migration from one system to another, often at huge cost and effort.

Whether you are migrating to a new system or upgrading an old one, you need to move the information within it – including all the metadata that has been built up over time and has a high business value.

We can help you do this the right way, reducing risks, managing complexity, controlling costs and timescales, and minimising downtime.

We can provide:

  • Migration strategy and approach
  • Data export, processing and analysis tooling
  • Configured COTS tooling, if needed
  • Source to target data mapping outputs
  • Migration procedures and processes
  • Ad hoc data manipulation techniques
  • User guidance and quality assurance
  • Manual processing, if needed.

Information Strategy

The increasingly complex information environment demands that organisations now apply strategic planning disciplines to the management of their information.

The high volumes of information and data which are being generated in today’s digital environment drives an increased and urgent need for information management practices to be addressed.

Although the number of technology advancements such as AI provide opportunities, without taking a holistic and strategic approach the management of information, an organisation’s ability to leverage these is severely compromised.

We can provide:

  • Identification of vision and target state
  • Gap analysis of current state and target state
  • Information risk evaluation and SWOT
  • Transformation plan
  • Strategy action plan.

Information Discovery

To gain value from your information, rather than just accepting ever-increasing management costs and risks, you need to understand the information you have.

Information discovery is the first step on this path.

Most information held in systems grows organically, usually without an overarching information strategy or information architecture to manage this growth. This can result in less oversight as to the information you have, which can in turn lead to duplicated, fragmented, redundant, insecure and unmanageable information.

Discovering the information your organisation holds and its characteristics are important steps in understanding, managing and then getting value from your information.

This is an important first step in preparing to move to a cloud solution such as Office 365 and SharePoint Online, designing its information architecture or considering what content to migrate.

We can provide:

  • A summary and detailed analysis of the information you hold
  • Visual and tabular outputs describing your information
  • A recommendations report describing information strengths and potential problem areas
  • A strategy and roadmap to remediate or improve your information holdings.

Information Architecture

An information architecture (IA) within Microsoft 365 is crucial because there are many design and configuration decisions that need to be taken before implementation starts.

Structuring your information to make it easy to find, and to see new connections and patterns can give you powerful insights into your organisation.

An Information Architecture is a crucial initial step to the successful implementation of any information system.

You wouldn’t start building a house without an architecture, and the same logic applies to building a system. A good IA requires that content, technology, people, business requirements, and cultural factors all considered at the same time.

We can help you with your IA get in touch to find out more.

Information Management Consultancy Services

UK GDPR & DPA Compliance Audits

Our proven methodology in completing Compliance requests will give you confidence in our services.

We offer tailor made reviews which start from 2 days, the time allocated is based on the organisations requirements and size.

On completion of the audit a RAG rated report is offered as evidence of compliance and an action plan to continue on your Data Protection Compliance journey.

Data Subject Access & Freedom of Information Request Management

Our LTD consultants are available to support you with the management of Data Subject Access and Freedom of Information requests.

This can be either by overseeing the process for you, providing a review of your management processes or assist in reviews and audits. We can offer a flexible, tailor made service to suit your requirements.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

The UK GDPR requires a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in the following circumstances;

  • The processing is carried out by a public authority or body, except for courts acting in their judicial capacity;
  • The core activities of the controller or the processor consist of processing operations which, by virtue of their nature, their scope and/or their purposes, require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale; or
  • The core activities of the controller or the processor consist of processing on a large scale of special categories of data

The DPO should be nominated on the basis of “professional qualities” which include “expert knowledge of Data Protection law and Practices”.

LTD offer 3 cost efficient packages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) to suit any budget enquire for further information.

Outsourced Records Management

Records and information are increasingly recognised as the fourth asset class, alongside people, finances and physical infrastructure. They are essential for business operations in any organisation. There are legal requirements to create, share, protect, maintain and dispose of records and information. In the digital age, customers and citizens also have expectations about how records and information are used or controlled.

For all of these reasons, records and information must be managed systematically, with accountability and transparency. However, an organisation may not have the resources or internal capability to establish and maintain a records and information management program.

Leadership Through Data offers Records Management as-a-Service to supplement your existing team; or provide more comprehensive support on a short or long-term basis. We aim to ensure business risks and costs are reduced, while our clients obtain greater value from their information every day.

We offer three Record Management as-a-Service packages. Choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold for a service that provides the right level of support to match your budget and business priorities. Our services can also be tailored to meet your requirements with flexibility.

Why our clients choose Records Management as-a-Service

  • Maintain your business focus

Records and information management is a supporting function, not the strategic focus of your organisation. Allow our team to support your team, so you can focus time and talent on core business.

  • Minimise costs and reduce overheads

Your organisation may not need a full-time resource – or perhaps your needs can fluctuate. Our team provides expertise and capability when you need it. Outsourcing allows you to avoid the challenges of recruiting and maintaining dedicated records management staff.

  • Manage operational risk and compliance

Our team have wide knowledge of Australian and international standards, laws and policy requirements. Monitor performance and keep on top of reporting requirements. We can review processes to identify and address any compliance gaps.

  • Draw on qualified, expert advice

With practical, real-world experience, our team can develop and support a records management program based on best practices. We can advise on the latest process or technology resources and innovations for continuous improvement.

Contact us today to find out more.

Information Asset Management

The pathway towards good Information Asset Management varies by organisation. We apply a proven methodology, based on experience and global research, to create the roadmap best suited to your organisation.

As with any such program of work, it is critical that the program is sponsored by the Executive and communication to all potential participants highlights the objectives and expectations of all participants – leading from the front.

Following communication, we undertake a proven methodology so get in contact and find out more.

Customer Comments

Highly knowledgeable in GDPR and other IG requirements, fun to work with and totally human in their approach.

Head of Information Governance

Leadership Through Data is the best route to simplifying GDPR compliance. Their work and explanation have made, what was, a complicated requirement into such an easy to manage process. Their skills are second to none and are great fun to work with. If you want to find the best way to become complaint with your business, they are without a doubt the people to speak to.

Company Director

I am so pleased that we engaged with Leadership Through Data to help us! The work LTD carried out has enabled me to break down the various tasks that we need to complete to become GDPR – compliant, and I am no longer scared of this four-letter acronym!

Company Director