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10 strategies to ensure the responsible Information Management of AI within the workplace

According to Microsoft and LinkedIn’s 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report 90% of workers say that AI has saved them time, and 84% said that it has helped them to focus on their most important work. This means that we as Information Managers need to ensure responsible Information Management of AI within the workplace, but where should we start?

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Managing data interactions & Microsoft Copilot responses in Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Purview eDiscovery

Microsoft 365 presents two distinct versions of eDiscovery: standard and premium, each tailored to address varying needs and complexities. In this article, we explain the differences as well as how they affect Microsoft Copilot.

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The upcoming Microsoft Ignite conference sessions that all information managers should be attending

We’ve saved you some time and made a list all the relevant Microsoft Ignite sessions that information managers should attend. Tune in online and watch them for free from 15-16 Nov 2023.

Reflections on RIMPA Live 2023: Imposter Syndrome, Microsoft 365, Purview, and Governing Teams Data

Leadership Through Data trainer, Andrea McIntosh, gives us the low down on her three speaking sessions at the RIMPA Live 2023 conference.

Microsoft is changing its storage limits – Here’s what information managers need to know

Microsoft has announced it will be placing storage limits on some of its plans. If you work in information management, read on to find out if this affects you and what help you can seek to mitigate disruption to business.

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