Course nameLocationStartEndCostBook
Change Management FundamentalsVirtual09/Jul/24 09:00 AEDT10/Jul/24 17:00$1850Book
Microsoft 365 Purview Records ManagementVirtual29/Jul/24 13:00 AEST01/Aug/24 17:00$2250Book
Microsoft 365 SharePoint Super UserVirtual06/Aug/24 13:00 AEST07/Aug/24 17:00$1500Book
Data EthicsVirtual13/Aug/24 10:00 AEST14/Aug/24 14:00$950Book
Microsoft SharePoint PremiumVirtual19/Aug/24 10:00 AEST23/Aug/24 14:00$3200Book
Microsoft 365 Purview Records ManagementVirtual17/Sep/24 13:00 AEST20/Sep/24 17:00$2250Book
Information GovernanceVirtual14/Oct/24 10:00 AEDT15/Oct/24 14:00$950Book
Microsoft 365 Information ArchitectureVirtual28/Oct/24 09:00 AEDT01/Nov/24 13:00$2900Book
Microsoft SharePoint PremiumVirtual11/Nov/24 10:00 AEDT15/Nov/24 14:00$3200Book

Prices exclude relevant taxes

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