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Leadership Through Data are a family run Information Management training and Consultancy Company. Our training methods are based on the psychology of teaching and how people learn.

Our trainers ensure that delegates learn ‘All they need to Know’ to be confident in their area of work. In addition to the extensive content our courses include, we aim to tailor make each course to achieve delegates goals. Leadership Through Data use pictorial slides to increase learning retention as up to 60% of the population are visual learners.

The numbers of delegates are kept low on each of our training courses to allow for participation and group discussion. We use interactive training techniques to focus our sessions on practical based case scenarios.

We offer a wide range of courses covering Information Management principles including courses covering the relevant Microsoft 365 functionality. These include Microsoft 365 Records Management, Teams, SharePoint, and Information privacy and protection training.

Our consultancy services provide forward thinking solutions to cover all areas of Information Management and Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint.

We are a CPD accredited training company, Shortlisted for Family Business of the Year 2021 (FBOTY), Winners of the Information Records Management Society (IRMS) Innovation of Year 2020 for our training approach and Runners up of the Regional Peoples Choice Award FBOTY 2020.

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Our training methods are based on the psychology of teaching and how people learn.

At Leadership Through Data we focus on Participatory learning methods. Participatory learning is an interactive and engaging teaching method which incorporates a combination of games, exercises, case scenarios, videos and visual slides. Delegates learning is enhanced using these methods; in group discussions, learners will retain 50% of the information, 75% when they are able to complete the task themselves and 90% when teaching someone else. Other teaching methods such as passive; supports only 5% retention.

We use pictorial slides as 60% of the population are visual learners. The human brain processes visual information faster and better than text. Delegates memory recall from the use of a picture is retained for longer. There is no better way of illustrating a subject than using a short video to outline key points. We take all these concepts and bring them into our training room, where we teach you in a fun, informative and innovative way.

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